Monday, August 21, 2006

Arabs on a Plane

I got a prefect idea for the sequel to "Snakes on a Plane", how about "Arabs on a Plane."

The plot can follow something of the following, there is a flight between two countries, say Spain and Britain, on this flight, while the passengers are boarding, there are these two Asian men and they start talking in a language which the white passengers don't understand, now these could be Arabic, or it could well be another language like French, German, Indian, Chinese, Welsh, Gaelic or whatever, so long as the English don't understand it. Now this causes mass panic with all the English passagers, who refuse to board the flight and comfort there fearfull children.

However a lone, brave, off duty America Air Marshell saves the day, as he single handedly tackles these evil Arabs, and prevents them getting on the flight and foils their plan to fly the plane into Air Force One, which is on the way to the UK to Meet the British Prime Minister, in a plan that would distablise the world and lead to Bin Laden taking over the world from his Iranin HQ!

The two 'Arabs' at the end are bravely shot by the American, in a last ditch attempt to save a member of the cabin crew he has fallen madly in love with to stop the Arabs from killing her cos he is a pretty White woman, who also happends to be America, or maybe half American and Half English, in any case these terrorists, I mean they would be obvious to all to be terrorists because they speak Arab and have a skin color of a terrorist and practice Muslium, anyway that is my pitch, what do y'all think?

Ok firstly the disclaimer, The spelling of 'color' is intenionally American spelling because its meant to be a Hollywood pitch, the ignorance in it is a knock at several things, the sterotypes of terrorists in the media, the idea of racial profiling (Oh, sorry Passenger Profiling) in security messagers in flights etc.

Lets get to a serious business, who is to blame for the events ar that airport?

The Media firstly plays a role in the paranoia, fear and suspection that is gripped the passengers. The television and paper press both play a role in the blame. Firstly television news, such as the BBC (I watch the BBC see) News, when interviewing musliums, although they seem to pick a loony, like with the recent Teorr raids, they talked to one member of the community who was saying how it was American fighter jets that destoryed the Twin Towers! Why did they have to talk to someone who obviously a loony? They also did talk to a "moderate Muslim" but also interviewing the nutcase wasn't really called for in my opinion.

The tabliod press is adpt at causing fear, panic and paranoia, they have a history of it. Like when they managed to get pedotritions attacked when stirring up a moral panic about pedophiles. Remmber when a mindless mob attacked a home of a pedotrition because they were too thick to tell the difference between the name pedotrition and pedophile, in a blind rage because of the tabliod's stirring. I think that the actions in the airport were caused by a simular stirring, this time by keeping hyping up the threat of terrorisms to beyond the level which there is a threat, and causing people to be more scared then they need be.

The passengers do also have to carry some of the blame themselves too, since if they thought pass their blind prejudice that two Asian men have to be terrorists , they would have relaised that they did get pass the tight security of the airport. From what I heard the media suggest, the two men were appearently wearing 'heavy clothing' which suggests that the passgeners feared they have bombs strapped to them. However, if that was the case then they would never have gotten that far into the airport, since they have to walk through a metal dectors and send anything they are carrying through an x-ray machines, plus the security staff would have searched them if they were worried. It not as easy just walking onboard, and the threat is still not that big, and not as big as some people seem to have been lead to believe.

The Islamic communiy also must carry some of the blame, they do not accept that there are extremists minority and that they must have to tackle the problem of extremism themselves. They cannot leave it up to the government and then cry victimisation when they do take a measures to tackle the extreme few and protect British society. It does seem to people that musliums not tackling the extremists in Islam, they are sending out a signal that they support the terrorists, because they don't do anything to tackle them, be it out of fear or ignorance. It still, however, sends out the wrong signal, and it helps spread the fear and the suspection. The feeling that Musliums are not willing to ingrigrate within British community and want British society to bend to their will, as some of them do want, also sends out the wrong signals and the fact that some of British society is starting to appear to do so, thanks to Politically Correct goody goodies, makes the sitution even worse.

So the final question is that if the fear and paranoia carries on long before we stop Asians flying altogether to stop the risk of terrorism? or sgegrate them on buses, trains and planes?

Before anyone saids that it might be far fetched, just take a look at what fear has done in the past in your history books....

Random Thought:

Pulling your foot out of quicksand takes a force equivalent to that needed to lift a medium-sized car.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I am sueing my old school

Since "Cross-Country running" has been called a form of abuse I have decided to contact a lawyer who will take up my case and my catlogue of years and years of abuse in both primary and secondary school, where I was calassy and mailously forced to run around the block in nothing but a t-shirt, shorts and trainers, for this so-called "Cross Country" running, I am sure that the lawyer and myself can fill our greedy boots at the expense of a state-school, so what if it needs the money to keep things running, I don't care so long as I get money, as far as I concerend they can close the music department, libary, IT, Drama and extra help for people who need it, let them suffer so I can fill my own shoes.

The school wll suffer for the abuse of making me keep fit, I also plan to sue them over forcing me to sit down for hours, forcing me to write and work, forcing me to bring "homework" home to do in my own time and forcing me to get an education, I am sure that learning shakespear, doing english, being forced to learn maths were all the breach of my human rights and were all forms of abuse which was carried out in my primary and secondary school, and I am sure that some greedy and immoral companies as I type this are willing to sue schools over such terrible breachs of my human rights, I will show them, how dare they try to give me an education and try and keep me healthy and stop me getting obese, like the children of today have the right and benifit of being, they will suffer for stopping me become an uneducated fat bulk of lard, by the time my lawyers and I have finished, the state-school will be so much in debate, that they be paying me for the next 5 years!!

That will show them, that they cannot go around ensuring that children are educated and healthy and are shaped to become intelligent and thinking young adults...wait they don't do the last bit....I mean and eensure that children are shaped to becoming unthinking workers that do not ask questions...

Random Fact:

In ancient Rome a popular belief was that amber was formed from lynx urine: darker colours from the male and lighter coloured amber from the female lynx. Amber actually is a very light stone made from the fossilized resin of trees, but the ancient Romans didn't know that.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Quick update

I ahve maanged to transfer my old blog to this blog, have fun reading the achieve, thanks.

"Sucessfull Clogs" doesn't quiet have the same ring to it

The PRofessional Association of Teachers (PRAT) has been told today that they should no longer call children "Clever" and replace it with the word "Sucessfull" to aviod a culture that "mocks clever." To my understanding this is a phased attempt to make every student "Average" with already students who are "failures" being called as having "deferred Sucess" after a vote at the PRATs conference last year. The Proposal by Simon Smith, who has had "deffered Sucess" in the past has said that accademic prowess is not 'cool.'

A spokesman for another bunch of prats...the government said "This is no the brightest idea we have heard...." before adding "....and believe me this government has heard a lot of them, we've come up with most of them, like ID cards, Police Mergers, PFIs, City Accademies....."

We have also learned that in an attempt to me school more about coolness, but about accademic prowess? maybe we will have Music replaced with Rap? English replaced with 'txt spk' aswell as changing many of the other subjects.

There is also plans to change the marking system so that it is now 100% - 0% = C, after all we can't have anyone being above or below average now can we?

Random Fact:

First-born children are less creative but more stable, while last-born are more promiscuous, says US research.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hiya all

I have decided to move my blog from MSN Spaces to Blogspot, because of the unreiblity of MSN Spaces.

For those who are not aware of my blog, it is a blog full of my political throughts, political satire and satire on British society and media and general ramblings.

If you are interested in reading my old blog, here is the link:

I will also tell you a bit about myself here, I am a 22 year old Student and a supporter and member of the Labour Party (though it don't stop me from critising and satirising them).

I am studying International Politics at the Univerity of Wales Aberystwyth.

Anyway, I will carry on with my usual brand of satire and political ramblings on here and hope that you will enjoy reading them.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Dave" Cameron attempts to appeal to the youth vote

'Dave' Cameron approached the stage, dressed in a hood, wearing more jewelery then Mr.T, he step up to the mircophone and held it close to his mouth with one hand while holding his groin with the other:

"Yo, yo, yo whats happening y'all, you all ready to get down and happen with the dooogs from the T to the O to the R to the Y to the P to the A to the R to the T to the Y...? Groovey, then me and my bit..buddies, George "The Money" Osburn, David "SAS Hardman" Davis and William "The unborn Featus" Hague, are all here to talk to all you dudes about why the Tores are like so like the best and like coolest like urmm gang going, and way all you youngster will, by the end of this little tete a tete, or urmm I mean...errr a totally happending and radical recruitment urrm drive.

I know that everyone 'ere is like, so, like, fed up of that old man Blair, cos of his like you know, like, his lies and how like terrible he is running the country, you know, like, he and his old men friends are so like totally not like with it like at all, he like has no like understanding of youth culture and no like respect for us innit.

Blair and Labour keeps coming out and dissing us for what we like choose to wear and like what we choose to say and do, but he gotta understand that this is like, our you know, innit, our culture, we dont you know, mean like, any harm and I plan to you know, like, in the next Prime Minister questions, which you know, are like a total yawn-fest and a vouage to snooze city, but, I will tell the Prime Minsiter that he should talk to the hand cos the face ain't listerning, that we do these things cos we want to, cos we want to and that if he starts to like diss me, or hoody culture I will tell him 'whatever'.

Here is were the ideas of the hip, happening and totally radical uber Conservtive Party are different to that of the naff, uncool, saddo Labour Party, the Tories want to hug a hoodie, we want to make you all feel loved, because it is unfair that like, you know, that is so unfair, that we are like discriminated against because we like choose to wear hoodies, I like know that many malls stop hooded people from going inside them, I even met a monk that was stopped for like wearing a cloak wid like da hood on it, you know what I mean man?

And I think you would all agree that the so-called IPOD canndiate, me, Dave Cameron, has and will give the Tories some pretty bad policies (*Bad means good right?* thinks Camron) and a pretty bad reputation amoung all of you young, hip, happening dudes and errr...female dudes, oh dudettes, and that our bad policies, no matter if you are a CHAFF, EMU, Goth, Skaterboarder, geek, nerd, streetie or any other sub culture you will all have the same opinion of me as a bad bottom politican that has kick butt policies and will make Britain bling again, you know innit, anyway I just want to finish this now, so thanks to you all and I hope that it keeps hanging"

Tomorrow we have coverage David Cameron's speech to traditional right wing members, where he will be talking about the importance of the police, tackling yob culture and Labour's failure on anti-social behaviour...

Random Fact:

Rough Music was a sort of proto-ASBO, a form of community punishment practised well into the 20th century. Offenders had perhaps been wife-beaters, or, paradoxically, allowed themselves to be henpecked. His neighbours would gather outside his home in the night, call out his name and his crime, and proceed to make "rough music" with pots, pans, buckets, etc, until the noise - or the humiliation - ran him out of town. Also known as "riding the stang".