Sunday, January 21, 2007

£32 billion PFI profit is an insult to Nye Bevan and the NHS

With the New "Labour" government closing hospitals and cutting back on the NHS it is very telling that PFI's are making a massive profit at the expense of the paitents and the health service. While this "Third Way" government is selling off the NHS and are seemingly privatising it bit by bit (alledgly privatisation via the back door) the Private companys are raking it in, and all the government can do is ome out with the same old clap trap that they do not reconise the figures and are commited to a public funded NHS.

While sadly Blairites do not believe in publicly funded anything, they want "marketisation" and they are of the false believe that the market and private companies run things better (seemingly ignoring the distasters of a privatised railway and waterworks.....) they do not, all New "Labour" care about is low taxes for Middle England, and their rich buddies (aswell as 'rewarding' them with peerages.)

They probably still see the NHS as "Old" Labour and Socialist, and of course, it is something which America opposes and with Tony Blair trying to make Labour into the British version of the Democrats (or is that Republicans) instead of a good, electable and pragmatic European Social Democratic party, like it should be. The PFI approach is not working too while, it is draining money from the NHS, with a report saying it costs the NHS £53 billion, with the current cut backs due to a shortage of money and New "Labour" being opposed with the NHS loosing money, that £53 billion could have been spent on writting off the money and better paitent care, rather then wasted on PFIs and profit for fat cats that run the PFIs.

Hopefully Rhodri Morgan is right and that New Labour has had it's day, otherwise it will eventually condemn Labour to political nothingness, as democratic socialists, social democrats and other traditional Labour supporters either don't vote, or decided to vote for other Parties that are more in line with their view points. Because no-one want's to vote in an unpragmatic and unelectable party, like New "Labour" is currently making Labour.

Random Fact:
Bill Gates is so rich the US tax department has a special computer devoted solely to his finances.