Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prince Charles, The Green Git

Who the heck is Prince Charles to tell people to go green? When he and the spongers called the Royal Family are hardly carbon friendly themselves! Prince Charles who flies around the world on a luxery plane that is just him and his advisors and media personal, the same Prince Charles that drives around everywhere with a number of cars in a convouy! How Green is that?

How green is it having as much houses as he has? How many of those houses have all their light coming from engery saving lightbulbs? Surely if he wants 'go green' that would be a very good start.

How about his favourite animal cruelity hobby of Fox Hunting? (which thankfully the Labour
Government has taken some positive steps towards getting rid of, but not radical enough) How green was chasing a poor, terrifed fox half away across the countryside and then letting your dogs savage the poor creature and then smearing the blood on your sons' heads in some brabaric ritual, I don't see that as very ecologically friendly myself either.

The Royal Family are not green, they are not even close. Prince Charles, the big earred moron should just learn to keep his mouth shut, no one want or even cares what that overprivillaged idiot has to say, and the press usually ridicule him in any case (and so they should).

Then again, I didn't think Prince Charles would ever champion something decent as Fair Trade, since it is not the latest band wangon for him to jump on at the moment.

Random Fact:

The average guest at a Buckingham Palace garden party scoffs 14 cakes, sandwiches, scones and ice-cream, according to royal accounts.