Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Christian Voice and the BNP

That is right, Christian Voice is back attacking Jerry Springer: The Oprea. Christian Voice are against organising protests and handing out leaflets against the "Sinfull" Jerry Springer: The Oprea, which is on the UK tour.

However, Christian Voice have had some help handing out their leaflets by the racsit and vile group, the British Nationalist Party, the BNP handed out the Christian Voice leaflets claiming that they were righting discrimination against "The Christian Majoirty", in actual fact the majority of Christiansts don't give two hoots about Jerry Springer: The Oprea.

Christian Voice were "shocked and horrified" that the BNP have been handing out their leaflets, I would guess they were shiocked that anyone would want to help them and hand out their leaflets. However Christian Voice were also upset becuase the BNP are "purveyors of hate" while Christian Voice are "Purveyors of love. We're Christians." Ah yes is this the same kind of 'Christian Love' that allows homophobia? The same kind of 'Christian Love' that makes them want to oppress women? that make them think that Christianity is right and every other religious faith believers will burn in the eternal fires of hell?

The Christian Vioce fundlemanalist group should not moan the BNP is supporting them, after all they share alot in common, they share the hatered of homosexuals, they share the want to locked women in the kitchen and take away the right of the woman to have an abortion, they share the intorlarance of other faiths. Christian Voice want to have a Christian rule over the UK, BNP want White rule (probably Christian, since Britian is a 'Christian country' according to them.)

I know that I said this before, but Christian Voice is a minority fundlemetnalist Christian group and they are holding back Christianity, along with other fundlementalist nutters who are not willing to move Christianity into the 21st Century and modernise, and want to leave Christianity in the 19th Century and leave it to die a death as a backwards, homophobic, anti-women, conservative organisation, which only a few nutty Christians are, and the publicity then get, especailly publicity that shows Christian Voice's points of views are supported by the vile BNP, is very negitive and will result in the Christian church being seen as stuck in the dark ages and has no place in modern day Britain, while in actual fact that may not be the case. (Although I am still atheist)

Anyway, I just add this to say Good Luck to Jerry Springer: The Oprea, after seeing it on the BBC Screening of it, I personally thought it was very good and I wish their UK tour all the best.

Randon Fact:

Loo roll is the third biggest selling household commodity, in the UK, with sales exceeding £11bn a year

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A woman in your parish? Don't fear, the 'Flying Bishops' are here!

"Traditionalists" in the Church of England have threaterned to split and won a comprimise on women bishops. If a parish don't think women should have equality and can't be bishops then they can send in 'flying bishops', those 'flying bishops' will be unfortunate enough to be sent to the backward stone age parishes were the men who are there are unwilling to be working under a woman and for that woman to have authoritiy ove them.

Of course the men who dont want women bishops have turned to there usually excuse for their intoralance, the Bible, yep they claim that acording to the bible, women cannot be bishops, now I never read the bible, however I dont imagine that the bible would have "And God gave women small feet, so she could stand closer to the cooker and a smaller brain then man, and God spoke these words 'man is superior and can only be bishops, the church is a straight men only club' "

I just get the feeling that the people against this are probably men who feel inadequate and would feel even worse if they had a female boss, either that or they are a group of old dinosaurs unwilling to accept that times have changed, and now the sexes are meant to be equal (although that is a different debate entirely), I know that some people want the Church of England or any other religion organisation or faith for that matter, to be a conservative force in society, because they are terrified of changes, however the Church could be a force for reform and a positive force in society if the lunetics didn't run the asylum, or at least have a big clout, as the comprimise of 'flying bishops' shows they cleary have, since the CoE was scared of loosing 400 odd celergy, who threaterned to form there own church (the CoE would be better off without sexist, homophobic people like those anyway) the religions of the world are not brave enough to change or move forward.

The old dinosaurs who are against talk a lot of rubbish, one of my favourite quotes is

" If this was a commercial company we could claim for constructive dismissal and the Church of England cannot possibly argue for a church acting as a worse employer, a worse institution, than any secular one - it's outrageous. "

If the CoE was a commerical company then it would get have to treat women equal by law (and that is no bad thing) and I see no reason why the church should not have to treat women equally, this is the 21st century and not the 19th, get over it.

random quote:

The average employee spends 14 working days a year on personal e-mails, phone calls and web browsing, outside official breaks, according to employment analysts Captor.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Proof that 1 in 10 of 16-19 year olds are idiots

The Learning and Skills Council have conducted a survey that found out that 16% of young people in England (not Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland though:P) are stupid.

The survey found that 1 in 10 thought that celebrity was the best way to get famous and rich without qualifications or skills, it also found that many young people thought that after they have been on Big Brother or Pop Idol or other such rubbish they would still be famous... I know I never watched Big Brother or Pop Idol or anything like that, but I don't know the names of any of the contestants that been on either show, and I am pretty sure that the winners of every Big Brother that's been open to "normal" members of the public are not famous, I dont know the names of any of them and I am sure that I would not recongise any of the faces of the contestants of Big Brother or Pop Idol and nor would I think anyone would recongise their faces.

Also I doubt they earn a lot of money, apart from the occasional guess appearance for local events, television or radio shows or magazines, all of which have to be absolutely desperate and run out of "proper celebritries" to invite (Of course there are far better people who are not famous or celebrities...).

As for Pop Idol or Popstars or even X-factor, the winners of those usually dont last more then a few months (bar a few) and the other contestants are never seen or heard of again.

I wonder if the 16% that think reality TV is the quickest way to fame ever think of what happends to them after, they seem to be so thick that they think that dropping out of education to be made of a complete tit on national television to make them famous are obviously already slightly stupid and so hooked up on the concept of 'celeb' they have no concept that Big Brother is only 15 minutes for being famous for being humilitated on national television of Big Brother, or having a terrible singing voice on X-Factor and Simon Cowell making you cry like a sissy in front of the entire audience.

However, those 1 in 10 should go on such programmes becuase they derserve everything they get and they should get absolutley sod all for having such a terrible plan and putting fame and celebritiy in front the more important and mature stuff of education and intelligence.

Random Fact:

film star Veronica Lake nearly sabotaged the Allied war effort by her "Peek-A-Boo" hairstyle from the film from "I Wanted Wings" was widely copied by women working in munitions factories, where it was responsible for industrial accidents, with the fringe often becoming caught in machinery. The US government asked Paramount Studios not to release any more pictures in which Lake wore the Peek-A-Boo. Paramount agreed, and the deadly fashion died out.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother.......Egotistical Celebrities

Bloody hell, it is that time again, were the sensible, intelligent people have to endure the braindead idiots who like the awful programme called Big Brother. The House mates of this horribily stupid programme this time are the following C-list celebrities are:

1) Faria Alam:

Most famous for having an affair with England manager Sven and a media scandal linking her to FA Chief Exec Mark girls, if you want to be classed as a Celebrity just go and find a famous man, have an affair and sex with him and then tell the press, before getting yourself invovled in some serious scandal....

2) Micahel Barrymore:

Alright'.......I remember watching him on television when I was younger....ah yea...and that was before the dead man was found in his pool.......and if I am correct there is also a pool in the Big Brother house...........

3) Traci Bingham:

Who? Oh she is appearently an actress and model......Though what she acted is beyond me.

4)Pete Burns:

Is famous for singing in adverts.. "I especally like Irn Bru, even though I use to be a man....even though I use to be a man"

5) Rula Lenska:

An Actress....I assume she acted in something or other....though I never heard of her.........


Famous because his mother had a cruel sense of humour and named him Maggot assumingly...

7) Jodie Marsh:

Famous for being a model in page 3 and lad marks....oh and is an anti-bullying campaigner (Good for her! I was bullied myself)

8)Samuel Preston:

A lead Singer in some group I never heard off...and dount anyone has heard off...ever

9)Dennis Rodman:

Famous in America for Basketball......never heard of him here

10)George Galloway MP:

He is loony left winger, that gives real and propoer left wing socialists like myself a bad name. Galloway has also decided to show utter contempt for the people who voted him into the House of Commons and not to represent them, but to go into the Big Brother House instead to forward his own Celeb and feed his ego.


She is only Pretending to be a celebrity and is not really she is exactly the same as the other 10 in that case. She has a very easy job of fooling the others that she is a celebrity.....since the others are not really celebrities themselves that should be a pretty easy job for her...

Oh well; lets just hope that someone drops a bomb on the house and wipe them all out.....

Random fact:

Train passengers in the UK waited a total of 11.5m minutes in 2004 for delayed services.