Monday, September 17, 2007

The Anti-Devolution camp beware, more people want full law making powers.

A poll by the Insitute of Welsh Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth has shown an increased support for full-law making powers and a Welsh Parliament, since the narrow yes victory 10 years ago. 43% polled now want a full law making parliament, and this goes to over 50% for the under 35s, Labour especally must take heed of this, as the younger generation yarn for full law making powers.

Labour must return to the party of Welsh devolution, and not allow Plaid, the Lib Dems and even the Tories to push Labour out of that territory and into being seen as an Anti-Welsh Party, Welsh Labour needs to act back in the interests of the Welsh people and not the Labour MPs and Labour's majority in Westminister, otherwise Welsh Labour could suffer a real kicking at the next Assembly elections, not to mention loosing seats at Westminister and council elections, as the young seek more powers for Wales.

However to have a victory for a full law making parliament, the yes camp will need to motivate and organise the young to come out to vote, and vote yes. What could be a killer blow to the yes vote is apathy, like it nearly was in 1997, not only do do the yes camp need to win the arguement, but they also must get yes voters out to the polls.

The poll is encouraging, but it also shows that there is still some work to be done, and that some work does need to be done to convince the people who are unsure of which way they will vote.

People shouldn't fear that this will lead to independence, because if that comes, then that will be a different referendum, and that should not be hi-jacked by those who would want to protray this as a vote for independence.

Wales and the Welsh Assembly can do more and can achieve more for Wales, they need to be givnet he opportunity to make a serious difference to Wales and make sure that the clear red water between Cardiff and Westminsiter remains, and gets more clearer, so that we can have a real Welsh way of doing things and expand on the conventions and the Welsh way that is already in place over the pass decade of devolution.

That said, we cannot rush into a referendum on full law making powers, a defeated referendum will set back the yes vote for a generation, but, as I said, the poll from the Insitute of Welsh Affairs, is very promising and encourging, and that during this term a yes vote can be won.

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At 11:43 pm , Blogger Christopher Glamorgan said...

Not relating to the topic. Would be grateful if you could include a link to my blog on yours. Didn't ask first time round, however, as I am slowly returning to blogging, I thought it may pay to be cheeky this time.

Many thanks!

Christopher Glamorgan

At 6:03 pm , Blogger Geraint said...

Will do


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