Friday, November 09, 2007

Far-right bloc a victim of it's own xenophobic idealogy

The far-right bloc of the European Parliament could be expelled from the European Parliament after a rift between it's own rank. Italian MEP, Alessandra Mussolini's (Grand-daughter of the Fascist dictator) xenophobic and ignorant remarks claiming that Romanians are "habitual law-breakers" could come back and haunt 'The Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty' (ITS) far-right bloc, with the 5 MEPs from The Greater Romania Party has now said that it can not work with Alessandara Mussolini, this would leave ITS without the required 20 MEPs needed.

This just goes to show, in my opinion, that narrow minded xenophobic nationalists like the ones in the ITS cannot work together, in an expanding EU, while keeping to their own world view, and now at least, The Greater Romania Party MEPs have tasted what it is to be like on the other end of messages designed to fuel hate. Although sadly, I doubt that it will make them think twice before spouting simular hateful comments about other people.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No GB Footbal Team.

The British Olympic Assosation wants to field a "British" team (read English with a token Welsh, Scottish and Irish Play, especally if the British Lions Rugby team is anything to go by) for the 2012 Olympic games.

This move is opposed, thankfully, by the FAW, SFA and Irish Football Association, due to worries over what it could mean for the FAW, SFA and the Irish's place in Europe and other governing bodies. It could slowly lead to the erodision of the Welsh, Scottish and Irish football teams, and even though I am not a football fan, actually cannot stand the "sport", I still do not want to see the eradication of the Welsh football team, even if it is rubbish.

If a British team did become the norm, then what would happen to the football talent in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, surely the Celtic nations would be dispropotionatly effected by any such a move in the developement of the future Welsh, Scottish and Irish footballers.

Then there would also be an issue of the location of the main stadium of the British team, it would go to Wembely, without a doubt, this would mean loss of revenue for the football stadiums in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, since there wont be as much games being played in those, as there is at the moment.

To be frank, it would be a bad idea all around, especally due to the long term conquences of such a move, even if it is a "one off".

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The battle between Westminister and Cariff

Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has told BBC Wales' Politics Show that he does not believe that a referendum on full law making powers can be won by 2011, despite polls showing some increasing support for full law making powers. This comes shortly after a simular split in the Conservative Party with a Tory MP slamming devolution in his blog.

The battle for full law making powers if fastly becoming a battle between Westminster Welsh MPs, who want to keep the status quo, and AMs who want to progress on with devolution and allow Wales to make it own laws.

This is a very dangerous road to go down for the Welsh MPs and Westminister, since if it is seen that Westminister is frustrating the Welsh Assembly, which has just as much, if not more, democratic legitimacy then Westminister, then it can only lead to more support for the Welsh Assembly, devolution and, if they are not carefull, even Plaid Cymru.

Westminister needs to stop blocking Wales, or risk destorying the United Kingdom, by allowing Plaid to point out that Wales cannot pass the laws which it has elected the Assembly government to do so, because Westminister does not want them too. It could become a very powerful message as time goes by, and will eventually lead to increased support for independence.

The MPs must stop trying to frustrate Wales just so that they can try to protect their own jobs, they are elected as MPs to do what is best for their consituancys, not to do what is best for themselves. They must accept what devolution means, and that, in Wales, full law making powers is eventually outcome.

Of course that is not to say that there is not an arguement to be made about their not being enough support for it, despite in polls there is a majority in support of devolution, this majority is not over 50%, and witht he low turn out at the last referendum, the higher the support is for full law making powers, the better, especally with turnout amongst young voters, who are more in favour of devolution then then other groups.

However, it is possible to win a referendum on a full law making parliament by 2011, and the more the MPs whine about this, the more possible it will come for Wales to win a Scottish-Style Parliament.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

David Davies spokes out against devolution

Monmouth MP and ex-AM David Davies has spoke out against the Assembly and full-law making powers. According to the Western Mail he has said that Nick Bourne's support for full-law making powers is not offical Conservative Party policy, and that the Tories were right to oppose devolution in 1997 and would be right again if they opposed full-law making powers.

He claims that the Tories opposed devolution on grounds that it would be a waste of money, and would destabilise the union. How can giving the Welsh people more control over their own affairs and ensuring that Welsh people are governed by the Welsh, under a government of their choice, unlike the Tory years where Wales was governed by a government they didnt vote for, with Secertary of State that were from English consituancies, be a waste of money?

The claim that 60 politicans are now doing a job that use to be done by three, misses the point totally about devolution, the point was that Wales did not want to be governed by QUANGOs, non-elected officals and english MPs under a Tory government.

The fact is that the Welsh Assembly has used it's limited powers thus far well and has improved Wales and the lives of the people of Wales for the better, and that more powers will not lead to independence, not everyone who supports a full-law making parliament wants to see independnece, they just want to see a fair deal for Wales.

However it is good that a debate is happening on this issue, and that both sides of the further devolution arguement is being made.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good on Gordon

Good on Prime Minister Brown for refusing to attend an European Union - African leaders summit, if the Zimbabwaen dictator, Magube attends. Zimbabwae under Mugabe has seen, the economy collasp, human and civil rights being ignore and trampled on, and a lack of any real and serious democracy. Alright so before Mugabe there was white minority rule, and that was not much better, but to use that as an excuse of continued suffering is wrong.

Gordon Brown is right to take this stand against Mugabe who's regime has tortures and attacks all those who stands against it, who takes all the food aid, medical aid and any other aid and distributes it to it's own supporters, who brutally oppresses every single movement that opposes the government.

Other European Union nations should follow the lead of Pimre Minister Brown and refuse to sit with such a tyrant, we need to send a message to the African Union that Mugabe's leadership of Zimbabwae will not be tolerated, and that they too have a responibility to put pressure on the government of Zimbabwae to change it ways.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

The Anti-Devolution camp beware, more people want full law making powers.

A poll by the Insitute of Welsh Politics, University of Wales, Aberystwyth has shown an increased support for full-law making powers and a Welsh Parliament, since the narrow yes victory 10 years ago. 43% polled now want a full law making parliament, and this goes to over 50% for the under 35s, Labour especally must take heed of this, as the younger generation yarn for full law making powers.

Labour must return to the party of Welsh devolution, and not allow Plaid, the Lib Dems and even the Tories to push Labour out of that territory and into being seen as an Anti-Welsh Party, Welsh Labour needs to act back in the interests of the Welsh people and not the Labour MPs and Labour's majority in Westminister, otherwise Welsh Labour could suffer a real kicking at the next Assembly elections, not to mention loosing seats at Westminister and council elections, as the young seek more powers for Wales.

However to have a victory for a full law making parliament, the yes camp will need to motivate and organise the young to come out to vote, and vote yes. What could be a killer blow to the yes vote is apathy, like it nearly was in 1997, not only do do the yes camp need to win the arguement, but they also must get yes voters out to the polls.

The poll is encouraging, but it also shows that there is still some work to be done, and that some work does need to be done to convince the people who are unsure of which way they will vote.

People shouldn't fear that this will lead to independence, because if that comes, then that will be a different referendum, and that should not be hi-jacked by those who would want to protray this as a vote for independence.

Wales and the Welsh Assembly can do more and can achieve more for Wales, they need to be givnet he opportunity to make a serious difference to Wales and make sure that the clear red water between Cardiff and Westminsiter remains, and gets more clearer, so that we can have a real Welsh way of doing things and expand on the conventions and the Welsh way that is already in place over the pass decade of devolution.

That said, we cannot rush into a referendum on full law making powers, a defeated referendum will set back the yes vote for a generation, but, as I said, the poll from the Insitute of Welsh Affairs, is very promising and encourging, and that during this term a yes vote can be won.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Physically Sick

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made me feel physically sick today, meeting Thatcher, who stands against EVERYTHING that Labour stands for, or should stand for. What does Brown exactly admire about Thatcher? the fact that she destoryed workers rights? the mass unemployment under her government?, the way she destoryed the miners and the mining communities?, the Me-culture she created full of selffishness and greed? her statement that there is "no such thing as society?" New "Labour" is a poison that is killing the Labour Party and the Labour movement as a whole, the base is decaying and without the base the party will collasp, it is happening already, and has happend. One of the only reason why I still support Labour is because of Welsh Labour and Rhodri Morgan's leadership of Welsh Labour.

I couldn't care less about what happends to New "Labour" in Westminister anymore, I am still feeling sick from the thought of it. I know Blair met her, which was bad enough, but a 2nd "Labour" Prime Minister is just too much, the sooner we have full law making powers, the better.

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