Saturday, November 11, 2006

Farepak Cancels Christmas

The collasp of Farepak has devestated many families who have lost their Christmas thanks to the greed and neglence of both Farepak and the HBOS (Halifx Bank of Scotland).
Some of the most poorest and vunerble families in society will not have a Christmas, while the rich executives that run HBOS, EHR (European Home Retailing, the Parent Company of Farepak) and all the others that are high up and invovled with Farepak.

At least there is some small light of hope for them with the rescue fund, which the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Ian McCarthy (Labour MP) has asked MPs to donate a days pay too, which he has himself and many MPs have, to date 107 MPs from Labour, compared to 11 Tory MPs and 10 Liberal Democrats. (as of 11th Novemember)

Oh by the way I also see that the spirit of Scoorge is alive and well in the Tories.

Many companies have also put thier hands into their pockets to help out the farepak family fund, and some of them had nothing to do with Farepak, including Sainsbury, Tesco and Boots, who have donated some of their profits to the action fund, which is more then can be said for HBOS, who are partly responible for ruining Chrismas for many families, have only donate a drop in the water compared to the billions which they have.

What is also unfair is the way which the laws reguarding what happands when a company goes bankrupt operates, instead of the money taken/stolen from customers going back to them (in this case most of them are not very well off at all) it goes to line the pockets of fat cat rich businessmen and women who fill their boots with the money from the company thats gone broke, while the workforce and the customers get what little pennies is left over at the end, I personally believe it should be the other way around, with the workers and customers getting what they are owed first, and then the rest being destributed between the lawyers, fat cat business people and other crediters, not I doubt that will ever happen.

However more regulation must be in place to protect people who use hamper firms and other like companies to ensure that profit is never put before people again.

(Ps. I know this blog entry is a bit all over the place, but it is something I felt strongly about for some time now and reading Ed Vaizey Tory MP's blog entry has made me decide to write a blog saying what it is right to donate to helping the people effected by Farepak.)

Random Fact:

Koalas have fingerprints exactly like humans.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just released I been blogging for over a year!

Why I am proud of Welsh Labour

There are many reasons to be proud of the Welsh Labour government in the Welsh Assembly, and their socialist values demostrated by the commitment to social justice and fighting poverty and inequality in society. Here are some of the examples of why I am proud to be Welsh Labour:

5)Free School Breakfasts for Primary school children:

I think this is postive because many children go to school without a proper breakfast, even when I was in primary school I remember other children saying that never had breakfasts. It is shown that a meal at the start of the day is not only healthly, but also helps children concentrate.

4)Free bus travel for the over 60s and disabled in Wales

Another good, social democratic move by the Welsh Labour government in the Assembly, enabling people to travel further then they may not have been able too if they had to pay for it.

3) Free swimming for children during School holidays

A good measure to help keep children active and fit.

2) Securing EU objective one money for Wales.

A lot of people bash ythe EU, however they ignore its benifits, like the objective one money that comes into the poorest parts of Wales, this has helped the economy, secure jobs or even create jobs and is helping deprived communities up and down the Wales, this would not have been secured again if it was not for Welsh Labour fighting for Objective one for Wales. Plaid Cymru said it couldn't be done, nor did the any other Parties think Wales could get objective one, but we have got it.

And I think the most proudest thing for this Welsh Assembly Government, under Welsh Labour so far is....

1) Having the cheapest Prescriptions inWales with them being Free by 2007.

I think that speaks for itself, free healthcare is one of the key cornerstones in Socialist philosphy and Free Prescriptions in Wales will be a tribute to, probably the greatest Socialist Britain has ever seen, Nye Bevan, and his vision of the NHS which be brought in and the idea of Free healthcare for all at the point of need, that has worked and is working so very well in Britain

There is still a lot more to be done, and Welsh Labour is the party saying that they will do that, and that they are willing to carry out the Socialist and Progressive Values that Wales has and that Welsh Labour shares, be it tackling Child Poverty, Free Prescriptions and ensuring everyone has a decent education.

Random Fact:

Five billion apples eaten a year in the UK.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

All you need is Love

I see that David Cameron has come up with yet another idea to tackle crime, just show the criminal waving a knife in your face a lot more love.

This is another obvious attempt by the David Cameron to appeal to the liberals (before turning around to his Tory buds and saying that he is not serious, just trying to say it to win....) along with "Hug a Hoody" this is another hair brained scheme that shows that Tories have no substance and not real policies beyond that of saying anything to win, and trying to appeal to everyone be their colours Red (yea right, as if any Democratic Socialist/Social Democrat/Labourite will vote Tory), Yellow (with the oxymoron "Liberal Conservative") and his true Blue Colours, oh and of course the Green colours he likes to pretend to were (riding a bike to work while having a car follow you with a clean shirt and flying to the Antartic and back just for a photo seems to be very irresponible in terms of being ecologically and carbon friendly to me....)

David Cameron is about nothing, he only stands for spin and PR and nothing else, and if he ever becomes Prime Minister then Britain will be in a lot of trouble, since I do not believe he has anything beyond words to other the public and once in office he would melt. (though hopefully he will never ever be anywhere near any serious office)

But if he does get in, just remember if you see some thug threaterning you with a knife, just walk up th them, give them a hug and tell them how much you love them and emphesis with them and how you feel their pain and suffering, maybe even give them a little kiss. Who knows, they might bring you a bunch of grapes or some flowers when your in hospital with knife wounds, although it would obviously be brought with your own money from the wallet they stole from you while you were in a bloody puddle on the floor after the thief stabbed you in the stomach while showing them love..............

Random Fact:

Fifty-seven Bic Biros are sold every second - amounting to 100bn since 1950.