Sunday, March 05, 2006

A few things

Sorry for not blogging in a while, been quiet busy. A number of things have happend, both something about me and my politicaly views which I do want to comment upon, so here I go.

Firstly, just a short one about me, something that went on in my life a couple of weeks ago (22nd Feburar) I met the First Minister of Wales and the leader of the Welsh Labour Party Rhodri Morgan, I met him as part of Labour Students and the CLP/resident. Rhodri Morgan made a very good speech and took questions from the members of Labour Students and then at another event were he was taking questions and talking to residents of another part of town, he was very good. The best aprt of the night for me was when I actually got a lift in the car with Rhodri Morgan from one event (The Labour Students one) to another one (the one were he was talking to residents).

Right here is my views which I so often put here (you lot must think I am very opinionated....which I am)

The first thing I want to comment upon is the (now frozen) suspension of Ken Livingstone by the undemocractic quango. Ken Livingsone only called that journalist that because of the vendetta and hate campaign which that journalist and his newspaper had been waging agaisnt Ken Livingstone just because of his (Ken Lingstone's) socialist politics, although he may have not said the best of things, the journalsit is a bit of a hyprocrite anyway working for the same media group which has the daily mail, which backed the Nazis in the 1930s.
I know that Ken Livingstone is no racist and no anti-semetist, he is, if anything, strongly anti-rascist in all it's forms and has built many bridges between communities. The complaint was not even made by the Jewish reporter, but by a group of vandictive people who didn't like Ken Livingstone inviting a Palistinian guest speaker (Or something like that), anyway I hope that Ken Livingstone will have the best of luck in his appeal.

The Liberal Democrats have recently elected a new leader, "Ming the Merciless" the man who shot Kennedy, I for one am not sure if the Liberal Democrats have made the right choice or have made a terrible mistake, I know that Simon Hughes would have been a mistake for them in the long run, since he woukld just been another Charles Kennedy, however Chris Hunhe would have amde an interesting choice for them since he may have done some modernisation to the Party. However I hope that Mr. Campbells style of politics will be totally different from that of Tony Blair and David "Flip-Flop" Cameron, the managerment style of politics is boring, and it lacks vaules and commitment. We need a political leader with conviction and beliefs and not affaird to express them, hopefully Liberal Democrats will have it and, maybe, just maybe, the Labour Party once Tony Blair resigns.

Talking about Tony Blair, did anyone see him on Parkinson last night? I thought that he had a pretty positive and good interview and was very funny and interesting. I also think that the press have blown his comment about Iraq out of all propotion, what Tony Blair said was that if you believe in God then God would judge him over Iraq, now as you all know I am an atheist, however I don't believe Tony Blair was saying that he preyed to God to see if it was Ok to go to war, or that the war was God work, what he did say is that when judgement day is upon him then he will find out if the war or wrong in the eyes of God, which Tony Blair does believe in (and it is not a crime to have faith). It also shows that Tony Blair does feel personal responsibility for the soldiers in Iraq and the deaths of British service men and women. This just shows to me that irresponsibility and bias of the press, who want to stir up problems and blow up little comments out of context and make them into something bigger then what they are. If they are taken in context, then there was nothing wrong with what he said.

anyway, for now that is it.

Random Fact

America was named after a Welsh man, called Richard Ap Meric