Friday, September 21, 2007

David Davies spokes out against devolution

Monmouth MP and ex-AM David Davies has spoke out against the Assembly and full-law making powers. According to the Western Mail he has said that Nick Bourne's support for full-law making powers is not offical Conservative Party policy, and that the Tories were right to oppose devolution in 1997 and would be right again if they opposed full-law making powers.

He claims that the Tories opposed devolution on grounds that it would be a waste of money, and would destabilise the union. How can giving the Welsh people more control over their own affairs and ensuring that Welsh people are governed by the Welsh, under a government of their choice, unlike the Tory years where Wales was governed by a government they didnt vote for, with Secertary of State that were from English consituancies, be a waste of money?

The claim that 60 politicans are now doing a job that use to be done by three, misses the point totally about devolution, the point was that Wales did not want to be governed by QUANGOs, non-elected officals and english MPs under a Tory government.

The fact is that the Welsh Assembly has used it's limited powers thus far well and has improved Wales and the lives of the people of Wales for the better, and that more powers will not lead to independence, not everyone who supports a full-law making parliament wants to see independnece, they just want to see a fair deal for Wales.

However it is good that a debate is happening on this issue, and that both sides of the further devolution arguement is being made.

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