Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good on Gordon

Good on Prime Minister Brown for refusing to attend an European Union - African leaders summit, if the Zimbabwaen dictator, Magube attends. Zimbabwae under Mugabe has seen, the economy collasp, human and civil rights being ignore and trampled on, and a lack of any real and serious democracy. Alright so before Mugabe there was white minority rule, and that was not much better, but to use that as an excuse of continued suffering is wrong.

Gordon Brown is right to take this stand against Mugabe who's regime has tortures and attacks all those who stands against it, who takes all the food aid, medical aid and any other aid and distributes it to it's own supporters, who brutally oppresses every single movement that opposes the government.

Other European Union nations should follow the lead of Pimre Minister Brown and refuse to sit with such a tyrant, we need to send a message to the African Union that Mugabe's leadership of Zimbabwae will not be tolerated, and that they too have a responibility to put pressure on the government of Zimbabwae to change it ways.

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