Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The second public inquiry into the Scarlets plan to move from Strady Park to a new ground, and funding it by selling off their studium ground to housing developers is ridiculous. They are now holidng an second public inquiry and wasting the local tax payers' money on something which is unfonded. The small group of whiners are now trying to claim that Stradey Park is, and should be classed as "village green" despite Stradey Park being private propety of Llanllia Scarlets, with fences and signs up warning people that it is private propety and to keep off.

This idiotic 2nd public inquiry shouldn't be held, it on a groundless arguement and it also risks Welsh Rugby, if the Scarlets go bankrupt that would mean that a massive area of Wales would loose it's region, and would do untold damage to the future of rugby in Wales. Since there has already been an inquiry, they should not hold a second one which is just a waste of money, to satisfy a minority of people, at the expense of the majority.

I hope that common sense in the end will preveil, and that not only does the Public Inquiry find in favour of the Scarlets, and that, if needs be, they will seek to reclaim the costs to the region from both the local authourity and the Welsh Assembly.

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