Thursday, March 01, 2007

The difference between Labour and the Tories is the same as always

The Tories recently "tax breaks" for married couples policy accouncement is prove that the Tories are the same old reactionary right wing political force. This tax cuts for couples is nothing more then the old Tory Policy of discriminating against single parents, who work hard to raise their children in sometimes very difficult situtions, who are usually in the worse off then married couples, this is simular to old Tory policies of the past, which discrimianted against people who were single parents, who don't care about people who are usually at the bottom end of the ladder, despite all there parading around about being "compassionate" and "modern" under the toff called Cameron.

This policy is also dangerous that it might end up forcing partners stay together, in what might be a violent and abusive relationship (be it the wife or husband the one doing the violence and abuse), just because they now have the added danger that they will now loose their "tax break"
which a Tory government would give to married couples.

However I think, especally after watching question time that if this is the kind of policy that the Tory Party under Cameron is coming up with, and that it is cuasing hostile responses from the public like it did in Question Time, then I say that I look forward to more of these kind of policies from Cameron and a 4th Term Labour government under Gordon Brown, as it stands.

(By the way, Happy Saint David's Day everyone!)

Random Fact:
In the 1960s, the CIA used to watch Mission Impossible to get ideas about spying.