Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The second public inquiry into the Scarlets plan to move from Strady Park to a new ground, and funding it by selling off their studium ground to housing developers is ridiculous. They are now holidng an second public inquiry and wasting the local tax payers' money on something which is unfonded. The small group of whiners are now trying to claim that Stradey Park is, and should be classed as "village green" despite Stradey Park being private propety of Llanllia Scarlets, with fences and signs up warning people that it is private propety and to keep off.

This idiotic 2nd public inquiry shouldn't be held, it on a groundless arguement and it also risks Welsh Rugby, if the Scarlets go bankrupt that would mean that a massive area of Wales would loose it's region, and would do untold damage to the future of rugby in Wales. Since there has already been an inquiry, they should not hold a second one which is just a waste of money, to satisfy a minority of people, at the expense of the majority.

I hope that common sense in the end will preveil, and that not only does the Public Inquiry find in favour of the Scarlets, and that, if needs be, they will seek to reclaim the costs to the region from both the local authourity and the Welsh Assembly.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

John Redwood publishes Policy Proposals

I will blog on this a bit later, I just wanted an excuse to publish this

Torys lurge back to the right.

The latest set of policy proposals by the Tory Party, show that, for all the talk, the Tories are still the same old Party, and have not changed. The policy Proposals, written by John Redwood, are very right wing, are a gift to the Labour Party, who are already 10 points in the polls.

The policies proposed include the areas of taxes, regulation and public services, and on the whole it is the same old story of tax cuts or abolition, de-regulation, privatisation, attacking workers rights all in the name of making Britain more "competive" and lurging back to the right to please the right wing and old guard of the Tory Party.

The proposals show that the Tories are all talk, and spin about them changing and being more "compassionate" and "liberal" while they are nothing but hyprocrites, partaking in a cynical attempt to con voters. A case in point can be George Osborne attaking Gordon Brown from not "spreading the Wealth" enough
yet the following day, he turns around and joins John Redwood on the stage as they talk about abolishing inhertance tax and cutting other taxes, which again is something which the Tories again they would not do.

If they Tories were to abolish inhertance tax, and cut the Coproration taxes and all the other cuts they want to do, then how would they pay for it? Abolishing Inhertance Tax would cut a lot of money from the budget, and that would have to come from somewhere, and let's face it, the Tories would cut money from the NHS, education and other aspects of the welfare state, aswell as reducing the money that the already underfunded devovled insitutions get.

However it is not all about tax cuts, they also have decided to de-regulation, mainly meaining reducing workers rights and protection. This means opting out of the social charter, which would leave workers vunerble to expolitation by bad employers, they would repeal reguations on working time, date protection and money laundering, they have suggsted making health and safety regulation more "Proporinate" meaning reducing them so the workers would be less safe in the workplace then they are now, and allowing employers to cut corners in reguards to health and safety measures. John Redwood claimed that "de-regulation were at the heart of the proposals" and a tax cut by another name.

For all the talk of "Vote Blue Go Green" the Tory proposals on transport show that the Conservatives are not as green as they claim, although David Cameron's stunt with the bike with his car behind him has givne it away. They want to privatise the roads to allow more motorways to be built , they cant more privatisation of the railways, the oringal privatisationn of which lead tot he current crisis in our railway sytstem. How does more traffic, fit in with the Tories new "green" agenda? It can't and it doesn't. It yet again reveals the true nature of the Tories and that nature hasn't changed from the Thatcherite heart that is beating in it since the 1980s.

They also propose get rid of "restrictive" building regulations, which again could have an effect on the enviroment, depending which "restrictive" measure is removed, and the use of more private money for universities, which again is a traditional, right wing, Tory-type proposal.

This shows that the Tories are lurging back to the right. It does vindicate those in Plaid Cymru that didn't want to go into coalition with the Tories, and it does show that the Tories are still the nasty party, and that Labour is the party of social justice, compassion, and fairness.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Redwood lets the cat out of the bag

It seems the John Redwood has let the cat out of the bag, in a speech yesterday. His speech stating that "Tories plans to cut red tape would be a tax cut under another name" reveals that David Camerons attempt to change the Conservative Party has failed and they have now, yet again, lurched back to the right to try and appeal to their core supporters. Redwood revealed that cutting "red tape" is not the only plans up their sleeves, but they also want to "relax" (or scrap) health and safety rules, which means making the work place less safe for the workers, as well as scrap some rules on working hours and data protection (meaning more spam.) This report is not just written by Redwood, a well-known ultra Thatcherite Neo-Con, but also helped by George Osburne, David Cameron's closest friend and Shadow Chancellor.

The Tories still will cut taxes and vital spending in public services once in power, no matter how David Cameron tries to cover it up by his spin on changing the Tories into a caring and compassionate party. They have retreated back to the same old right wing agenda which the people of Britain have rejected many times bfore, and will do again.

More evidence of this comes from Redwoods interview on Newsnight, were he claims that the Tories would privatised Britain's inferstructure even more then it already has been, as he has further elbrorated on in today's Telegraph

The Tories wanting to expand motorways, airports, scrapping planning reguations and all the rest of it, goes against the Tories new "green" imagine, which has time and time again proven to be nothing by a false and cynical attempt by Cameron to con people into voting for the Tories for the enviroment, while all the time they don't really care about it, other then using it as a PR stunt. This document shows the kind of policies that the Tories would persue and the negitive effects they would have on the enviroment.

If the kind of policies that Redwood has propose are typical of the "new" Tory party, then Labour has nothing to worry about, because this is the kind of right wing manifesto that put many people off the Tories in the past, and will do again. Conservatives cannot change their spots, and these kind of statements from John Redwood, supported by Cameron prove that the Tories have returned back to their old right wing agenda. The review Redwood was working on will be published this Friday, and if it is anything like Redwood claims it is, then it will be a gift for Labour.

(Wow, talked about Redwood without even mentioning the embarassing incident with the Welsh national anthem when he was Welsh Sectertary in the 1980s, or the fact that he gave a lot of money back from Wales to Westminister despite it being needed....)

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