Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No GB Footbal Team.

The British Olympic Assosation wants to field a "British" team (read English with a token Welsh, Scottish and Irish Play, especally if the British Lions Rugby team is anything to go by) for the 2012 Olympic games.

This move is opposed, thankfully, by the FAW, SFA and Irish Football Association, due to worries over what it could mean for the FAW, SFA and the Irish's place in Europe and other governing bodies. It could slowly lead to the erodision of the Welsh, Scottish and Irish football teams, and even though I am not a football fan, actually cannot stand the "sport", I still do not want to see the eradication of the Welsh football team, even if it is rubbish.

If a British team did become the norm, then what would happen to the football talent in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, surely the Celtic nations would be dispropotionatly effected by any such a move in the developement of the future Welsh, Scottish and Irish footballers.

Then there would also be an issue of the location of the main stadium of the British team, it would go to Wembely, without a doubt, this would mean loss of revenue for the football stadiums in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, since there wont be as much games being played in those, as there is at the moment.

To be frank, it would be a bad idea all around, especally due to the long term conquences of such a move, even if it is a "one off".

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At 11:58 am , Blogger Ordovicius said...

Yup. It's one of the shittest ideas since shit ideas were invented.

At 12:16 am , Blogger Rhetoric Innes said...

it will never happen... just breadcrumbs for the media to make into something big.


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