Tuesday, December 27, 2005

"Voting Error" Gave Labour the election

A senior figure of the Electoral Commission, Alex Gitady, has told how Labour winning the election was down to a "voting error" Gitady claims the mistake happend when over 10,000s people voted the wrong way, and they voted for Labour instead of the other party in which they wanted to vote, had they voted the other way, he claims that the seats would have gone to another political party.

Gitady, from Israel, claims the incedent happend because people put the cross in the wrong box and actually meant to put it into some other box and if the cross went into another box, that the Tories would have won the election, he now urges changes to the system and suggest we should not actually count what they actually voted for, but what we think they really wanted to vote for.

However a senior member of the Labour Party dismissed the claims,
"This is a ridiculous statement, Gitadys claims that 'unnamed' people might have put their mark next to the wrong box...I am afaird this kind of tittle-tattle comes when people are bitter about who wins elections.

Labour won it hands down, if a reason is needed for Labour winning the election, then maybe he should look at the policies of the Labour Party and what Labour have done for hard working families in Britain for the past 8 years we were in power and what we will do in the future for hard working families in the next 4 to 5 years of Labour governmnet, taking Britain forward and not back to a doomed Tory past."

This claim comes just days after Alex Gilady made a simular claim about London winning the opympic bids by "voting error"


Random fact:

Sleep deprivation can make you hear police cars. Ben Fogle, currently rowing across the Atlantic with James Cracknell, reports experiencing just such a phenomenon

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Love Thy Neighbour (Unless he is a raving queer, then burn the hertic)

Ah, the hyprocrital nature of some religious figures is showing itself again. Not only are the fundalmentalist scrooges content on wrecking Christmas for fans of "Jerry Springer: The Oprea", they are now protesting outside homosexual civil partnerships, calling them an "abomination" and would protect "the children", although I wonder why children need to be protected from something as sinster as Gay Civil Partnerships, do they think that the ceremony causes children to have horrible pains?


Or are they under some strange and misguided idea that now homosexuals can have Civil Partnerships, that somehow children will think "Hey, that is cool, even thought I am a boy and I fancy girls/I am a girl and I fancy boys, I think I will go and marry another person of the same sex when I am older, I mean, Elton John is doing it, and he is my heerrrro...." As if......

Or maybe the few religious nuts fear that homosexuals are starting to actually get equal rights in society, and the small numbr of religious crackpots want to return to a time where homosexuality was illegal and people who were gay were imprisoned/hounded out of society/stoned/murder/burned at the stakes! The fact is that for homosexuals, it is perfectly natural for gays to have feelings for other people of the same gender, it is not a mental illness, it is not something they wake up in the morning and decide "Oh I know, today I will be a gay"
No, it is normal for them, and the handful of religious cranks need to get over it and move into the 21st Century, and not in the 19th Century or earlier in which they seem to think it still is, in there little minds.

The sad fact is, that it is a handful of hateful idiots, like the ones protesting, that makes the Church seem to be stuck in the past, as an old, out of date, hateful, homophobic, anti-female, racist and conservative insitution, that has no place in today's society, and the moderate many in every branch of religious faith, should do more to fight to bring every faith, be it Catholic, Protestant, Islam or whatever, bring that faith into the 21st century and trying to make sure that they stand up and show that the religion they believe in is moderate and is relervant in today's society, and this is coming from an athiest!!! I am also hetrosexual by the way, in case anyone out there is thinking that I am a homosexual and I am bound to say such stuff, no I am not, and most right minded, sensible hetrosexuals think that there is nothing wrong with homosexaulity and that their is nothing wrong with civil partnerships, and to be honest, most are not really bothered either way.

Anyway, I say good luck to any homosexual couple who is going to get "married"/have a partnership, and good luck in your future relationship, I for one am glad to see that Britain is moving into the 21st century.

Random fact:

knowledge of just 100 words would allow you to understand half of any book, even adult fiction, researchers at Warwick University say.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Christian Crusade Bans "EVIL DVD"

A small Christian fanatical fringe and have manage to vanquish worse evil in the world! They took on and destoryed Jerry Springer: The Oprea, a worse threat in many peoples' eyes then say global poverty, or wars in foriegn lands that just so happen to have a natural resource, and WMDs which it chooses not to use when being invaded..

The brave act of censorship preformed by the rightious christian crusaders that have managed to make Sainsburrys and Woolsworths ban the sinster Jerry Springer: The Oprea DVD, started when the BBC, who dance around with chickens to scarifiece to their satanic master, screened the show, which was actually made by Beelzebub.

The religious Christian tiny censorship loving, freedom hating group decided the best and most christian way to fight the BBC, was to send death threats to TV execs, refer to the Behzti riots in an e-mail campaign. Many claimed that it would lower the moral town of Britain and brings EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIL onto all of our lives. Unlike Sainburys, who got scared after just 10 complaints (oh no that is 80% of there customers......) the BBC stood there ground, and now will burn in hell for there sins.

However, now that the minority have had a victory, I wonder how long it will be before the mintority of the so-called christians return to what they see of the 'good old days' of burning hertics, stoning homosexuals, isolating and stigmatism single parents and divorced women, drowning of witches and ruling the country while killing other Christians for not beleving in exactly the same.

Of course, the minority do not represent the view of the Christian faith as a whole, the minority is just a few fanatical nuts who are quiet hyprocritical in there message and the way they go about achieving there goals.

It is ashame that Woolsworths and Sainburys have given into religious bullying, and decided to censor and crush freedom of speech, in favour of a vocal minority.

Random fact:

The Royal Mail uses 342 million rubber bands a year to bundle up letters. It has switched to using red bands so that they can be more easily seen when dropped.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Episode IV: A New Dope

So the Conservative Party have finally found the person they most want to loose them the next general election, in a leadership contest that been lasting virtually since May 6th, after the Torys suffered another major loss and were again given a clear rejection by the public (was it a 0.1% increase of the vote or something like that).

David Cameron is the new man to lead the Tories, the members somehow thought after seeing his poor performance on Question Time, that he would be the man to beat the Labour Party (under a Brown leadership....I wonder if the members of the Labour Party and the Trade Unions will try and wrong foot the Tories by electing someone else to lead them....) at the next election, of course to beat the Labour Party they would need a swing not seen since the Winter of Discontent (MORI spokesman on BBC News) and that is very unlikely to happen, so maybe Cameron is still on/never was but is now on drugs if he thinks he will win. We all know that the extremely old people (40 is young acording to someone who spoke on behalf of the Conservaties) who still vote Tory are on drugs, but it's there age bless them.

The Tories in there wisdom has choosen a privatedly educated elite of the past, again showing that the Tory Party is a party for the rich, by the rich of the rich, they don't care about poor people, Cameron is so elite, he is even related to the Queen, in the albeit one of those distant ways the media likes (5th cousin to the best friend of the sister of a brother who knew a man that was the neweph to the grandson of the 11tth cousin seperated from the sister of the Queen mother)

Lets face it, David Cameron is the same old Tory, he is a backward looking religious right winger, The Tories can not bring themselves to the fact that the country is becoming less and less conservative, they want a Political party that believes in social justice, that welfare, the Conservative's have lost the battle of vaules, Labour have won it, the Conservatives won't have it, they wont believe it.

He might be the Tories Neil Kinnock, but he is not the Tories Tony Blair, the Tories have too much of a mountain to climb, they will not win the next election, they might gain a devent ammount of votes, but thankfully we have at least 1 more term of a Labour government left, and then hopefully a short period of the Conservative government before Labour is re-elected.

This Century is the Century of the Labour Party and of Labour governments!