Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh No a few Cartoons!!!!

Well, well, well, looks like fundlementalist religious whacks are at it again, but this time its a group of Musliums who are causing all the trouble over a few cartoons.

Ok so I imagine that having a prophet drawn as a suicide bomber would be offencive, however that is no justification for a small group of loony radical muslium fundlementalist nutcases to go out and decided that they need to prove that, actually, the cartoon has actually got a good point about how Islam has been hi-jack by a small group of madmen who clearly need to be given mental treatment in a lunetic asylum.

Of course it is only a minority of so-called Musliums who want to go around saying "Freedom go to hell", "Death to all non-Islamic findels...especally the Jewish" and call for terrorist attacks, or dressing up as terrorists (so, someone, who happends to be one of the most evil things on Earth, a drug dealer, who dresses up as a terrorist don't get shot, by innocent Brazilians do??)

Then you got the state/government sponsered protests in the Middle Eastern countries, with the authoritirian fundlementalists in those nations, such as Iran, using the 12 cartoons as an excuse to increase their power and bury bad news, such as the Iranian nuclear crisis, and such fundlementalist states also print and say even WORSE stuff about the Jewish population of the world, threaterning to wipe them off the map or printing anti-jewish propoganda that would even put the Nazis to shame.

I do believe that most Musliums in the west accept our vaules of freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of being and most of them like freedom, because it does not conflict with their believes, however the minority of trouble makers want to true the West into an Islamic dictatorship, and that is something which will never happen, because its only a minority and besides which, it will never be accepted by the people.

Its just a shame that a small number of islamic fundlementalist lunetics are causing everyone to think that all musliums are insane terrorist types, which is clearly not true, every religion has it's extremist and fundlementalist elements, it is just ashame that the media is giving more attention to the more negitive and vile elements of the Islamic faith, while Christians boycotting homosexual marriages and funnerals with signs saying "Thank God For Aids" and blowing up Abortion Clinics is largely ignored.

It is just ashame that religion gets abused for hateful reasons and the majority of the moderate religious people seem unable or unwilling to tackle the loonies who want to use it for evil, and that it is up to the atheists, to try and point out that their are loony factors that cannot be ignored in every faith, even in atheism, and that they must be tackled for the better of all human kind and a more peaceful Earth.

Random Fact:

The inventor of the Flush Toilet, was a Chinese man, and not Thomas Crapper, Thomas Crapper invented the Ballcock.