Friday, November 09, 2007

Far-right bloc a victim of it's own xenophobic idealogy

The far-right bloc of the European Parliament could be expelled from the European Parliament after a rift between it's own rank. Italian MEP, Alessandra Mussolini's (Grand-daughter of the Fascist dictator) xenophobic and ignorant remarks claiming that Romanians are "habitual law-breakers" could come back and haunt 'The Identity, Tradition and Sovereignty' (ITS) far-right bloc, with the 5 MEPs from The Greater Romania Party has now said that it can not work with Alessandara Mussolini, this would leave ITS without the required 20 MEPs needed.

This just goes to show, in my opinion, that narrow minded xenophobic nationalists like the ones in the ITS cannot work together, in an expanding EU, while keeping to their own world view, and now at least, The Greater Romania Party MEPs have tasted what it is to be like on the other end of messages designed to fuel hate. Although sadly, I doubt that it will make them think twice before spouting simular hateful comments about other people.

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