Sunday, September 24, 2006

Exclusive: I know the music for Labour Conference theme for Tony Blair's enterance

Tony Blair haspersonaly asked for a verse from the song "Jilted John" to be played in the Labour conference. The verse is from the song Jilted John is said to be a coded message about his feeling towards the chancellor, however I cannot find out for a life of me what it is.

Click on the link to read the lyrics and see if you can spot it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The resignation of the junior ministers has damaged the party.

The disasterous resignation of several junior members of the Labour government has done alot of damage to the Labour Party, more so then Tony Blair carrying on would do.

The media coverage of the resignation and the unthinking, low ranking government ministers has given the impression that the Labour Party is split and bickering within itself, it does not help Labour and they haven't helped the Pary at all.

If people like Tom Watson want to look at what is "in the interest of either the party or the country" then they should look at what they have done today, of how they have made the Party look and what the damage will be, like it or not, Mr.Blair has been the most electorally sucessfull Prime Minister Labour has had (Policy wise though, I would argue that Mr.Attlee is the most Sucessful.)

I am sure that many party members feel like myself over this issue, and that is annoyance at those 8 for what they have done to the party, it is not helpful, it is not right and it is not how the Labour Party should be conducting itself over something as important as who, not only leads the Labour Party, but who leads Britain for the next 2 - 3 years and will fight for a 4th term for a Labour government, it makes the party looks too self-absorbed and self-obessed, about it not about policy or running the country, it makes Labour look unfit to govern.

The 8 that resigned are not only putting a fourth term Labour government at risk but they are also putting at risk victory for Scottish Labour in the Scottish Parliament elections, victory for Welsh Labour in the Welsh Assembly elections and victory for Labour in the local council elections, all of which may end up with voters punishing Labour for being disunited, for being too inward looking, if Labour looses those elections the blame can no-longer be balmed on Tony Blair, but on the actions of the junior ministers who today has resigned over the leadership issue, in an extremely irresponsible manner.

As anyone who has read my blog knows, I am no Blairite, far from it, however I don't think that any grassroots member of the Labour Party wants to see Tony Blair go in such a terrible manner and neither do I believe that voters want to see Tony Blair be booted out in this way, all the 8 have done is given an open goal to "Dangerous Driver" Cameron and Ming the Merciless, they have done nothing but bad for the Party.

For the sake of the Party and the British People, Labour needs to be united together, we do not need this petty in fighting, I do not believe this is a plot by Brown myself like many of the Blairites are trying to suggest, for their own selfish reasons, this is just 8 idiots making a bad descions, however the entire party no matter what their idealogical positions are, need to be united and need to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, because we are brothers and sisters within this great movement, comrades in arms, and we must never forget that, I didn't think that we were like the Tory Party, that we didn't back bite and fight and plot against each other, however this sitution shows that is not no longer the case, and that this will be seen rightly or wrongly, as another example of the destructive nature of New Labour and how Blairism has damaged Labour.

For the sake of the Labour Party, for the sake of the future of Britain, the cabinet and every Labour MPs need to united behind the new leader whetever he or she is a Brownite or a Blairite, we need no more of this non-exisitant devision, there is no difference between Blair or Brown, only in the eyes of the Blairites is there a difference, however in the eyes of everyone else there is no real difference.

The Blairites need to unite behind Brown if he wins, for the sake of Labour, it is not, neither has been and nor will it ever will be The "Tony Blair" Party, and some Brownites need to understand that whatever plotting they maybe doing, is not helpfull for Gordon Brown nor the Labour Party as the whole.

Tony Blair must resign at the Party Conference or at least by the end of the year aswell, to avoid this sitution from carrying on any longer and to ensure that the Labour Party will be fighting fit for a possible 4th term victory. It would be for the good of the party and it might just help him be remembered better in the Labour Party as a leader who resigned for the sake of the party and not as a leader who hung on desperately as he went down and took down the Labour Party with him, and trhe Blairites must accept that his time as come and that for the sake of the Party they must pull together behind Gordon Brown, because the Party is bigger then one man, the Party is not the "Tony Blair" party it is bigger then one idealogy, it is not the "Blairite" Party, it is the LABOUR Party, and everyone in the Labour Party MUST remember that, otherwise, as a party, Labour is doomed.

Random Fact:

The London borough of Westminster has an average of 20 pieces of chewing gum for every square metre of pavement

Monday, September 04, 2006

4 reasons I am proud to be Labour (Westminister)

I know that I have had a few blog entries here bashing the New "Labour" government, however I am a Labour supporter and I do believe that even this New "Labour" government with it's many flaws has done a lot of good for Britain since 1997.

There is also a reason why I mentioned Westminister in brackets, and that is because of devolution and the differences betwen the Labour government in Westminister, Welsh Labour government in the Welsh Assembly and the Scottish Labour government in the Scottish Parliament, and I will mention my reasons why I am proud of Labour in the Welsh Assembly in a later blog entry. (probably tomorrow)

Anyway, here are my 4 reasons why I am proud of be Labour and proud of the New "Labour" government in Westminister, despite for all its flaws and mistakes:

1) Introduction the National Minimum Wage

This must have been one of the most important things that the New "Labour" government has done for the worse off in Britain. This ensured that working people were now entitled to have a minimum level of income and were no longer subjected to wages that were ridiculously low wages. The minimum wage is also raising at a reasonable level. We cannot have masses leaps because that would damage the economy, but slow, low increases that are measured and reasonable can be done with little risk to economic stablitiy. This would have NEVER happend under a Tory government, nor would the Lib Dems ever had introduced such a thing. The minimum wage, Labour's minimum wage has helepd raise the standrd of living for many people, and helped pull much out of poverty in the UK.

2) Workers now enjoy four weeks’ paid holiday, at least one day off per week and decent rest breaks.

This is again another helped more people spend more time with their families, because now they can take time off work without risk of not having an income during the time off. This is a strengthing of workers rights which any Labour government should do and should be proud of doing.

3) New mothers have 26 weeks' paid maternity leave, fathers 2 weeks' paid paternity leave.

Again like the above reasons it is strengthing the family and workers rights, ensuring that both mothers and fathers have some time to look after a new born baby and still have an income, so parents do not have to make the hard choice of looking after a new born baby or going to work and getting some income to the family.

4) £200 winter fuel payment to pensioners & extra £100 for over 80s

I know that many OAPs scoff at the governments efforts to help the pensioners. However Labour has done a lot to tackle pensioner poverty, especally fuel poverty, and the government is not credited enough for this.

Labour has still done a lot since 1997 and has made Britain a better and stronger place, with thier social justice policies, economic stablilty and measures to tackle crime, and I am proud of Labour.

I will have what makes me proud of the Welsh Assembly Governmnet and makes me proud of be Welsh Labour tomorrow, and believe me I think there is a lot of Labour in Wales has to be proud of.

Random Fact:

After a crash that plane's flight number is removed from the list of available numbers so no plane will ever carry it again.